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Surf Camp Rowdy
Doug, a physics professor,acting like a drunk and shooting lighter fluid on the barbeque. Doug surfed well, and started acting like a rowdy surfer by the end of the week. When he returns to academia, we're sure he'll slip up occassionaly and start addressing his distinguished collegues as "dude."

Capt. Mike Takes Off
Capt. Mike, a Marine platoon leader, gave us a call to take a surf camp. On the phone he told us he was 250lbs, so we tried to talk him out of it. The heavy guys are sometimes difficult to get riding, and is hell on the instructors' shoulders when pushing the heavy guys into waves. But Mike really wanted to surf, he had a vacation he said, and all he wanted to do was surf. We signed him up for a group lesson with the option to continue in a camp. But Mike did well, and he really had the surf bug. We were so impressed by his desire to surf, and by his skill, exceptional for a heavy guy, that we gave him one of Leucadia Surf School's old boards. So Capt. Mike decided to surf with Leucadia Surf School, and ended up getting his first stick. A real beater, but all first surfboards are. Come back from Baghdad in one piece, Mike, and live to surf some more.

ABOVE: Emma & Cecil, two 14 year old friends from Washington, gave me a six pack of beer in a brown paper bag at the end of a surf camp during the summer with a note written on the bag. The note on the bag is above. Thanks, Emma and Cecil!
Emma and Cecil would ride waves together so they could have cat fights while riding. They even learned switch stance so they could face each other. Emma, above, starts to lose the wave, and Cecil is almost riding backwards so she can face Emma.


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