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This surf spot is crowded now.  No one else out on this day back in 1963! This old guy rips!
Gerry Kantor, 1963
South Mission Beach Jetty,
San Diego
Gerry Kantor, 2004
San Diego
view 1960's surfing photos of Gerry Kantor
Gerry Kantor is a second generation San Diegan who grew up in the Point Loma and South Mission Beach areas, both of which are known for their numerous surfing reef breaks and beaches. He bodysurfed at a very young age, and started surfing in the early 1960's. He wrote for Surfer Magazine (known as "the Bible of the Sport") in the 1980's, and traveled extensively for surf in France, Mexico, Costa Rica and Hawaii. He is a graduate of nearby UCSD in La Jolla.

All Instructors are certified with one or more of the following ARC certifications: Lifeguard Certified / CPR for the Professional Rescuer / First Aid Title 22 / First Aid-CPR-AED/ EMT (Emergency Medical Tech)

EMPLOYMENT/TRAINING: We are always searching for qualified individuals for surf instructor employment and training. Prefered qualifications: over 18, college student or graduate, 10 or more years California surfing experience, and California or San Diego native. We also consider all other qualifications. ALL INSTRUCTORS MUST GET AMERICAN RED CROSS CERTIFICATIONS: LIFEGUARD TRAINING OR CPR AND FIRST AID TRAINING FOR THE PROFESSIONAL RESCUER. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS. You can do this after you are working, but if you have these or similar (EMT) certifications already, this will increase your chances of working as an instructor. We will be hiring a lot of instructors this summer, and also a telephone scheduler, who can work from home with a computer and land line telephone. JOB INQUIRIES: Please send an email to surf@leucadiasurfschool.com, with a list of your background, college, surfing, jobs, with "employment" in the subject line. We do not answer all emails. This is not a writing test, we just need to know your background.

Leucadia Surf School is licensed and fully insured for the beaches of Encinitas, Leucadia, Del Mar, Carlsbad & Oceanside in North San Diego, California.

City of Encinitas License #17029

City of Carlsbad License #1227987  City of Oceanside License #103444
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